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Enjoy your favorite sport ad-free
with Sportdeutschland.TV PLUS

The only subscription on Sportdeutschland.TV!

With Sportdeutschland.TV PLUS you can watch all free content and the paid content for which you've already purchased a streaming pass, completely ad-free! Sportdeutschland.TV PLUS is our only subscription and gives you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite sports without ads for only 2,99€ per month!
Sportdeutschland.TV PLUS can be booked in addition to your active streaming passes, it does not replace the purchase of streaming passes! As we offer Sportdeutschland.TV PLUS as a subscription, you don't have to purchase it for each pass individually. Your full experience on Sportdeutschland.TV is automatically ad-free during your subscription.

All information about Sportdeutschland.TV PLUS at a glance:

Your benefits:

  • With Sportdeutschland.TV PLUS you can watch all free content ad-free - for just 2,99€ a month and on all your devices!
  • Paid content for which you've already bought a streaming pass is also ad-free with Sportdeutschland.TV PLUS.
  • Sportdeutschland.TV PLUS is the only subscription on our platform. You don't need a subscription to watch our content!
  • Sportdeutschland.TV PLUS can be canceled monthly.

Keep this in mind:

  • Sportdeutschland.TV PLUS does not replace the purchase of streaming passes and single match tickets (pay-per-views). You still have to buy these in order to watch paid content!
  • Advertisements within the stream from our streaming partners are possible. The revenue from these ads go directly to the creator!

Is watching sports content on Sportdeutschland.TV free of charge?
  • Yes, most of the content is available free of charge.
  • Some livestreams / videos are only available for a fee, these are clearly marked.
Do I have to create a user account to watch sports content on Sportdeutschland.TV?
  • No, you can use Sportdeutschland.TV in the browser even without login.
  • To use our mobile apps and the smart TV app you need a user account.
  • For the use of various features (e.g. our community features like live chat, follow profiles, individual content or the retrieval of paid content), however, the creation of a user account is required.
Is there a Sportdeutschland.TV mobile app?
Is there a way to watch content on Sportdeutschland.TV free of advertising?
  • Yes, with our Sportdeutschland.TV PLUS subscription you can watch our entire free offer ad-free via desktop and mobile browsers
  • You can also watch paid content without advertising, but you must purchase the appropriate streaming pass for this
  • Sportdeutschland.TV PLUS can be cancelled monthly and is only available to viewers from Germany.
  • The subscription costs 2,99€ / month
  • More information
  • Excluded from this is the advertising of the Creators within the stream, which clubs or associations play in. On this advertising we have no influence - all revenues generated by this remain 100% with the Creators.
What payment methods are available for purchasing paid content?
  • You can currently use the following payment methods:
    • PayPal
    • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard)
    • Klarna instant payment
  • We are constantly working to add more payment methods.

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